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Life is short. After a couple of terrible pandemic years, you need to reward yourself. We are hear to provide you a once-in-a-lifetime trip. What’s in it?

Sophistication in beautiful Argentina. Discover the secrets of amazing Uruguay. Sip on Malbec wines. Learn how to dance tango. Go to a fabulous show. Enjoy the incredible art of Buenos Aires. Remarkable Tigre River Delta excursion. Wonderful boat ride between the two countries. Safe. Memorable. Rewarding after pandemic. It puts the regular Argentina vacation packages to shame. Oh, and get to be on camera and be treated like a movie star while we’re filming.

Not to mention, we will offer a full COVID-19 travel insurance to all our guests.

Date: February 8-17, 2024 (fill the form at the end of this page)

argentina vacation packages

Argentina Vacation Packages: Why This is #1

After setting up exclusive trips  to the Maldives, Thailand, Italy, Transylvania, Colombia or Brazil, we’re opening an invite for 10 people to come to the Spark Experience Argentina &  Uruguay edition. 10 days. 10 bucket list items. 10 amazing, interesting people. Exclusive group. One life-changing experience. Spark all your senses. Let’s take a look.


Watch the video below to see how a Spark Experience looks like in Argentina and Uruguay:


1. Accommodation & Daily Breakfast

Your nine nights in Argentina and Uruguay you will be covered. Not only that – we will be staying in PERFECT neighbourhoods of the two capitals: Buenos Aires and Montevideo. You will have daily breakfast provided.

2. Private Driver From/To The Airport

You’ll be picked up at the Buenos Aires airport by our private driver. A ride to the airport on your last day is also scheduled.

3. Wine Tasting

We can’t go to Argentina and Uruguay without doing the wine experience. So we’ll go to a private location and try a bunch of Malbec with a pro sommelier. Your fee is included.

4. Tango Lesson

We are invited by one of the Buenos Aires’ best professionals to have a tango class. We want you to be comfortable, so it will be a relaxing atmosphere (don’t worry, you don’t have to look like the people in the picture above). Just get out of your comfort zone.

5. One of the Most Fabulous Live Shows You’ll Ever See

That’s right. We can’t disclose too much of this, but we will get you into a magical show that takes place in Buenos Aires when we’ll be there. Your ticket is paid,

6. Tigre Tour – River Delta Expedition

We don’t have to be elegant and classy the whole time. Get ready for a fabulous adventure in the Delta outside the city, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your fee is covered.

7. Buenos Aires Art Tour

What you see in the image is not a theatre, it’s a bookstore. The reason we chose Buenos Aires for this trip is because this city is full of art and history.

8. Personalized Wine Bottle

Did we say anything about wine yet? You will receive a bottle of wine with your face on it – it will make you remember this trip forever.

9. Amazing Ride Argentina - Uruguay

We’ll go for three magic days in Uruguay. You will move from Buenos Aires to Colonia in this beauty (pic). Your ticket is paid. 

10. Enter One of The Coolest Buildings in the World

This amazing place is in Punta del Este, Uruguay. You’ll see what it is. We will go there and experience an amazing evening. Your fee is included.

17. A Surprise!

We will have a little surprise for you. Trips to Argentina should be different, and this one takes the top.

18. World’s Largest Pencil Collection – Guinness Book

We’ll visit the biggest collection of pencils in the world, over 25,000 – all in one little house own by a very passionate man. We’ll say hi and check out his amazing collection in Colonia.

19. COVID-19 Insurance

We are happy and proud to provide every single guest full COVID-19 travel insurance during this trip.

20. Exclusive Group

You will be part of a special group of people carefully selected, who share the same values, beliefs and hobbies.

21. Domestic Transportation

To all the places that we will visit in Argentina and Uruguay, we will have the transportation covered. We’ll travel as a small, exclusive team, making friends for life and make this of the best Argentina vacation packages ever.

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Deadline Reached! Enter your name at the bottom of the page to make sure you secure a spot.


 9-5’ers or someone who’s been working long hours and wants to detach from daily reality.

 Mid-life crisis individuals who don’t want to have regrets.

 Someone who is looking for a nice mix of culture and rustic adventure.

 Someone who wants to recharge their life and press the reset button.

 An individual who wants to surprise his/her partner with an incredible birthday or anniversary gift (maybe even a wedding proposal – we’ll get it on camera, too). Whether you’re looking for 40th, 50th or 60th birthday trip ideas, we’ll Spark you.

Someone who is looking for a mother-daughter trip of a lifetime, or even father-son trips.

 Someone who is coming out of a relationship and wants to experience things they feel they’ve been missing out on and celebrate being single (looking for things to do after divorce or separation).

 Freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to spark their business spirit with sun,  ocean, and other creative individuals.

Someone who has had a list of bucket list trips but ALWAYS found reasons not to start doing them.


An all-inclusive trip where international flights, all meals and drinks are also included. Your flight to Argentina is your responsibility.

A mastermind conference or MLM business. #HateThatS*%t

One drama-queen friendly zone. Leave your problems at home.

A big group of people where you get lost in the shuffle.

Any of the regular Argentina vacation packages.

Your average trip.

trips of a lifetime

**No, we won’t be riding an ostrich in Argentina. We will have to go to Curacao for that. 🙂

Here are other Spark Experience editions:

"Spark is honestly the best travel experience of our lives. We've checked more bucket list items than we even knew we had"


Similar to the Spark Experience participants who join the MaldivesItalyTransylvaniaArgentina & Uruguay or Colombia trips, we are carefully selecting the people that will be coming to Brazil. Hence the application form at the bottom of this page. Here is why.

The people you meet are a meaningful part of a travel experience, especially if you want to turn it into one of those trips of a lifetime. Do you know how sometimes there’s someone in a group who the rest refers to as: ‘that guy’ or ‘that chick’? That’s not going to happen here. After phone interviews, researching social media profiles, and getting references, we’ll put together our travel dream team. You’ll be with people who have life stories to tell and knowledge to share.

We want all 10 participants to leave as best friends at the end of the Brazilian adventure. The Spark Experience offers life-changing trips. The idea is to keep in touch forever, become an exclusive community over time, and go on other memorable, bucket list trips together.

Here is the kicker: you won’t know who the other travel partners are until a week before the trip! It’ll be worth it.

What else makes this trip one of the best Argentina vacation packages?

argentina group memories

What else makes this trip different from the other Argentina vacation packages? The people. This is part of the last cohort of Spark Argentina, in a colonial house of Buenos Aires.


Your main host will be Sorin Mihailovici, the producer of the Travel by Dart series. One of the best things that happened to him was to be laid off from his TV job. It forced him to find ways to support himself and challenged his entrepreneurial spirit.

Sorin’s breakthrough came after a trip to South Africa that he initially didn’t want to take because he wanted “to wait until he makes more money”. However, his best friend pushed him to go. Although Sorin spent more money than he anticipated, the African getaway changed his life. It made him realize that life experiences are far more intrinsically valuable than things, it revitalized his mind, sparked his imagination, and inspired him to create the venture that ended up being his bread and butter today. You’re just about to be part of it.

Sorin now has unique travel experiences that generations of families don’t have in a lifetime, from diving the shipwrecks in the Bermuda Triangle to discovering the mystery of the Easter Island heads. He is also known for cruising on pirate ships in Indonesia, exploring the Amazon jungle, or being invited into J Balvin’s house. For the last few years, Sorin has made sandy beaches his home in Thailand, Cuba, Colombia and Bermuda. Let him share his love of travel, adventure, and Argentina & Uruguay with you.

More Inspiration For You

If you’re looking for a creative spark, Sorin is an entrepreneur who has been a TV producer, made the State’s “most wanted” list in Romania, acted in movies and commercials, worked as a TV producer and created his own series – Travel by Dart. Sorin is also the founder of Scam Detector, a mega-popular platform that exposes scams from all over the world, so traveling safe is his priority. He’s been featured on Forbes, ABC, BBC, CBS, FOX, Global, and CTV. We really hope to meet you in Buenos Aires, for an event that doesn’t compare to any of the other Argentina vacation packages. Come with us – let’s make some real magic together. We are not a travel agency. We are a lifestyle agency.


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The reason you’re reading this page. 60 countries visited. Over 400 flights taken worldwide. A few trips to Argentina already.

argentina travel guide


THE local flavor

Virginia will take us around the beautiful Buenos Aires and will answer any single question you have about travel to Argentina.

uruguay guide


the quick silver

Paula is our connection is Uruguay, but she did a lot for this event to happen. You’ll meet her, you’ll see what.

THE SPARK EXPERIENCE: Argentina & Uruguay

DATES: February 8-17, 2024  (see application form below, for more options)

OPEN TO: both single applicants and couples.

PRICE: $2,499US /person as couple (if you’re coming with a best friend/spouse and share a room. Your partner will have to enter, too). Or $2,799US/ person as single.

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